At OuroborosCoding we aim to provide re-usable, cross-language classes and tools that can give even the most n00b web developer the power to build truly powerful, creative, and efficient applications.



FormatOC is a language independent way to validate and clean both simple and complex data structures. It uses a simple JSON format to define the structure and valid values and types for entire documents.


FormatUI extends FormatOC by adding in information needed by front end developers and UI designers. Mapping valid backend values to displayable strings, setting default values, adding titles, descriptions and placeholders.


  • ChainedXML A python 2 module for creating XML documents using chained methods.
  • jsunittest A JavaScript module to do unit testing in that copies the flow of Python's unittest module
  • Reconsider A python 2 module to Clone RethinkDB instances from one host to another on the fly.


YakSMS is a virtual SMS client that allows people to send and recieve SMS messages from real numbers. Perfect for businesses or professionals wishing to remain in touch with their customers via SMS without needing to give out their real phone number, buy a secondary phone line, or even use a phone at all.

YakSMS is currently in development, for more info visit the homepage at


If you wish to contact OuroborosCoding to get involved our find out more, please email us at or visit our github page.