At Ouroboros Coding Inc. we aim to provide re-usable, cross-language classes and tools that can give even the most n00b web developer the power to build truly powerful, creative, and efficient applications.

Applications / Libraries



TIMS, the Time and Inventory Management System, is a React app on top of Python3 REST APIs that allows small businesses to keep track of clients, projects, tasks, and the hours (or minutes) worked on them. Employees and managers can keep track of projects and their tasks, starting and stopping to keep track of time worked. Admin's and accounting can generate invoices, including tax info, based on specific time frames. And finally, clients can log in to see broad strokes info on time worked (not individual employees work) and download invoices.


PyLiveDev is an installable Python package which allows for running multiple python services/apps/scripts while tracking files associated for changes. When any changes are detected, the relavent proccess is gracefully stopped, re-checked for new related files, and started again. Allowing for live updates in the stlye of create-react-app.



Format-OC is a language independent way to validate and clean both simple and complex data structures. It uses a simple JSON format to define the structure and valid values and types for entire documents.

Full documentation is provided for all languages.


Docs-OC is a single page React script that loads a JSON file containing your documentation. Docs-OC is designed for libraries, like Format-OC, which provide functionality in multiple languages.


Rest-OC is a group of stand alone classes that can help ease development of REST APIs in Python3.


  • ChainedXML A python 2 module for creating XML documents using chained methods.
  • jsunittest A JavaScript module to do unit testing in that copies the flow of Python's unittest module.
  • Reconsider A python 2 module to Clone RethinkDB instances from one host to another on the fly.


Service SVP

Service SVP wanted to change the game when it came to restauranteurs and staff finding each other, especially after Covid changed everything, it was harder to find staff, and no one wanted to waste time with employees who couldn't do the job or didn't fit the vibe of their establishment. Ouroboros Coding helped the management of Service SVP create a whole new way to think about hiring people, creating standardization for what information was needed to make the right match, and to make it quickly without eating up time in an industry that's already often on the wire between success and failure.


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