At OuroborosCoding we aim to provide re-usable, cross-language classes and tools that can give even the most n00b web developer the power to build truly powerful, creative, and efficient applications.



FormatOC is a language independent way to validate and clean both simple and complex data structures. It uses a simple JSON format to define the structure and valid values and types for entire documents.

Full documentation is provided for all languages.


DocsOC is a single page React script that loads a JSON file containing your documentation. DocsOC is designed for libraries, like FormatOC, which provide functionality in multiple languages.


  • ChainedXML A python 2 module for creating XML documents using chained methods.
  • jsunittest A JavaScript module to do unit testing in that copies the flow of Python's unittest module.
  • Reconsider A python 2 module to Clone RethinkDB instances from one host to another on the fly.


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